Thank you for attending the 7th Annual Shop Steward Conference that recently took place on 21, 22 & 23 February 2017, Indaba Hotel, Fourways, Johannesburg.

The conference brought together all relevant stakeholders to discuss issues and solutions of working towards a fair labour industry in South Africa, managing work relations and effective employee representation.


  • Thanduxolo Qotoyi, Lecturer/Part-time CCMA Commissioner, Nelson Mandela University 
  • Saki Makume, Group Employee Relations Manager, Randwater 
  • Inviolata Chinyangarara, Senior Specialist: Workers Activities, International Labour Organisation (ILO) 

Some of the key outcomes after the conference, during the open forum include:

  • Perceiving the National Minimum Wage Policy as a step in the direction of realising decent wages for South Africans
  • Highlighting the need for management and union leaders to co-operate in order to have a stable working environment
  • Utilising emotional intelligence from both the management and union leaders in handling conflict at the workplace
  • Rendering quality service to constituencies in order to survive in a competitive work environment
  • Acknowledging the distinction between constructive and destructive conflict and ways to address it in the workplace
  • Touching on the important role that bargaining councils play in the prevention and resolution of labour disputes
  • Enforcing collective agreements to enhance the effective resolution of labour disputes and promotion of social justice
  • Addressing inequality through the practice of effective trade unionism
  • Being a shop steward that keeps abreast of developments in the labour relations field through training on recent developments in labour case law and employment relations
  • Adequately preparing for unfair dismissal disputes including parties being fully familiar on how the arbitration process works
  • Adopting a negotiation approach that yields optimum results satisfactory for both management and employee representatives
  • Creating a healthy working environment where there is a good relationship and mutual respect between management and employees
  • Improving relations and understanding between management and workforce through utilising proper communication channels, effective resolution of grievances and disputes
  • Putting in place effective workplace wellness programmes to assist employees in coping with work-related challenges and balancing work and social life
  • Being accountable shop stewards that consistently give feedback and also providing guidance on developments in the labour relations field
  • Encouraging employers to develop clear polices relating to the use of social media and the need to create employee awareness relating to the expected behaviour and conduct relating to social media
  • Dealing through case law with abscondment in a way that is legally appropriate
The conference was rated as:
61% Excellent, 36% Good, Average 3%

What you had to say about this year’s conference:

“I got upliftment as a shop steward in the organisation, to do know better and to do better” Senior Admin Clerk: Compensation Fund, DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR 

“I was impressed with the quality of all the presentations” Secretary General, SWAZILAND ELECTRICITY COMPANY 

“The presentations were educative and informative” Principal Human Resources Officer, ZESCO