Navin Ramjattan  (Managing Director), Marcus Viranna – Sales Director and Anderson Ramjattan (Regional Sales Director)

Intelligence Transfer Centre is a wholly black owned training company with the key function of offering thoroughly researched training programmes to our valued clients. We work closely with experts with specialized knowledge and skills depending on the requirements of the project.

There is conscious transfer and development of skills with particular emphasis to meeting the training requirements of our valued clients. We manage both public and in-house training projects aimed at improving quality learning and effective Implementation at the workplace

We are able to address the developmental challenges with sustainable, responsive and innovative, cutting edge training solutions

We are well-versed with training related issues thereby applying deep theoretical and practical insights using case studies and practical experiences to solve challenges in different fields of work

Have a unique and comprehensive experience and background in the training field.

Engage high profile experienced trainers in different fields in order to deliver on our mandate effectively and efficiently