Greetings from the Women In Mining Conference

It was a great privilege to be invited to attend the ITC Women in Mining 2013 Conference for the first time.

As a student, studying Mining Engineering, it came at the right time and I really appreciate everything I got from this conference.

It was a great honour to listen to the speakers, CEO’s and other influential people, on the first day. I gained lot of knowledge, which will be beneficial for some of my modules and also for my future path in the Mining Industry. I got really motivated hearing from great women who have made it, advising and giving us information that we will need in coming years.

The first thing that caught my eye when I came in the first day, was the warm welcome from the ushers and the gift bag that had what we needed for the conference; name tags, pen, notepad, programme for all the days, chocolate (which was divine), make-up, safety glasses, hard hat, reflector top(which we had to wear to take pictures). Everything was amazing. Proceeding to the conference centre, the set-up of the tables and the stage itself was professional.

The food was delicious and more than enough both breakfast and lunch. Hmmmm… desert was top of the range too as were the drinks.

What I really liked the most about the whole conference, is that we were allowed to ask any question and most of the answers were remarkable and it was what we really wanted to hear. And there was an Open Forum Discussion at the end of each meeting which really opened my eyes as I heard all the different views.

I don’t regret attending it and would love to attend again. It was indeed a the experience of a lifetime. It’s one of those moments that you will look back after the University and say “what an honor”.

Thank you ITC Team and thank you everyone who contributed to the success of this conference.

“If it was the first conference of its kind, it has been the best first time. It was very motivational, educational, inspiring and it should be one of the powerful tools that should be maintained to advance the course of Women in Law Enforcement.”
Director – National Intelligence Agency

On behalf of ITC, I would like to thank all the participants who made the time to contribute to the success of the 2nd Annual Leadership Development for Women Conference, held from 20 -22 July. A total of about 120 women from all over the country came together in promoting women in leadership positions. The Speaker selection was balanced, in that ITC had representatives from the private and public sector as well as views from politicians.

The quality of all the topics and speakers was good. Issues selected and addressed were important and contributed positively towards the intellectual, spiritual as well as the physical being of any women leader. Women acknowledged the fact that the conference was inspiring, motivating and empowering. A number of calls to action were raised by the speakers and the conference was as practical as when the women committed on the spot to take on some of the actions immediately. Women committed to each adopting another women going forward. There was also a clear commitment to taking forward the empowerment of others by individuals.

Good leaders are followed mainly because people trust and respect them, rather than the skills they possess. There was a generalised feeling to support the idea. And we all concurred that leadership is about behaviour and attitude first. There was a general call for women to be model leaders, building in character as well as create opportunities for best practices to be shared whenever circumstances permit. I think more than anything, women agreed to be each other’s support, if anything had to change for the best.

We all, as women, appreciated the goody bag, prizes and fashion show provided by ITC, as well as the Media Partners Avusa Media and Sponsor ABSA for sharing their time with us.
The networks created by the conference will forever be cherished by all. My message to all women is, let us respect, trust and support each other to create the change we want to see. It all starts with one, and we have the potential to influence, encourage, nurture and ensure that all of us can grow and be the best leaders we can be. Nozuko

“The amount of knowledge the speakers have within them is inspiring”
Business Process Modeller, SASRIA

The conference material presented is very strategic and practical”
Divisional Manager, CIPC

“We need more such empowering conferences. This was refreshing and affirming our position as women in our country. Keep it up.”
Provincial Head – Independent Complaints Directorate/KZN

“It’s the first time for me to attend such conference and the standard was very high, and the staff members of Intelligence Transfer Centre were very helpful and keep up the good work.
Senior Transport Inspector – Dept of Roads & Transport

“I have enjoyed the conference very much and I’ve gained more knowledge but other women are left behind. Please visit the whole province because your work is very beautiful, so that other women that didn’t come will get a golden opportunity of grabbing this fortune you have given us.
I thank you. Keep up the good work. God Bless.

Senior Provincial Inspector – Department of Transport

“Course was very inspirational and worth every minute.
Principal Provincial Inspectorate – Road Traffic Inspectorate

“It was great and my pleasure to be part of the workshop, because it was perfect and I learnt a lot from different presenters. I give a big thank you to the Intelligence Transfer Centre for the job well done.”
LT-JG (Combat Office) – Ministry of Defence (Navy)

“I have learnt a lot, thank you very much.”
Dept of Public Works – Director HRM

“Excellent course, very practical, very good tools/methodologies presented which can be used in various areas at work.”
Dept of Agriculture and Enviro Affairs – Chief Work Study Analyst

“The course was very interesting and the facilitator was very good.
Dept of Public Works – Assistant Director

“The course was informative with practical examples. Thank you.”
Dept of Social Development – Deputy Director

“Very informative course. My expectations were met. I have learnt a lot.”
Telkom – Business Analyst

“The course was brilliant. Thank you guys!”
Dept. of Transport – Senior Admin Clerk

“Thank you so much. My mind is broadened and I am now enlightened on the subject.”
City of Johannesburg – Assistant Director

“Thank you for your excellent, outstanding and professional course arrangements and the execution thereof. Best of luck for the future.
SANDF – S01 Diversity Management

“Enjoyable and informative course. Learnt a lot looking forward to attend more courses with you.”
SANDF – Senior Staff Officer Diversity Management