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Dear Government Communicators

This year the 1st Annual Government Communications Africa Conference was attended by over 40 delegates from various Government Departments and SOE’s, Municipalities, Media and Private Organisations. The conference ended on a combined understanding that everyone in Government must know the vision of Government and the National Development Plan, and the two must fit into and complement each other.

The top 5 speakers as rated by you:

    1. Ndivhuwo Mabaya, Head of Communications, MINISTRY OF HUMAN SETTLEMENTS
    2. Duduzile Nchoba, Chief Director: Marketing & Public Relations, MINISTRY OF ARTS AND CULTURE
    3. Mandisa Titi, General Manager: Provincial Communications, OFFICE OF THE PREMIER, EASTERN CAPE PROVINCE
    4. Lionel Adendorf, Head of Communications, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY AND FISHERIES

Some of the key outcomes after the conference:

    • To communicate more effectively firstly understand ones thinking structures and processes, because it is not about how you communicate but how you approach the blue, the green, the yellow and the red thinkers
    • Government Communicators must make use of the centres within Government to change the negative perception about Government by being the story tellers and thus being able to create the brand we want
    • Be aware of the influencers in your space and create valuable relationships within the media value chain. Go beyond communication and connect to build relationships which are the key to social transformation
    • Government departments should stop trying to outshine each other but look at running joint campaigns and coordinated engagement with the public
    • Social transformation will not happen without a shift in the collective consciousness of a society instead  take ownership and always speak positively about the Government while striving to do better
    • RUM (Relevant Unexpected & Memorable) up your communication with a message and a call to action
    • Always communicate the promise (the deal), to realise the desirable positive change while maintaining visibility and speaking in the language understood by the receiver
    • Be part of the Digital Revolution: Correctly use the internet, social media and build quality local content

The overall conference was rated as:

32% Excellent 52% Good 11% Average

We would like to hear from you…

…with regards to any ideas you might have for next year’s conference as we create a platform for communicators to strategise and amplify the role of Government through marketing and communication.