Dear Women In Engineering

We at Intelligence Transfer Centre (ITC) would like to thank you for sharing the 3-day conference dedicated to female engineers with us. We were very excited to see your passion, excitement and your eagerness to discuss issues that affect you, find possible solutions and go back to your work place to be the best at what you do.

ITC would like to thank the exceptional speakers for their commitment to speaking at this conference and we look forward to seeing other women in engineering join us in sharing this experience next year.

The next few pages will give you an indication of exactly what happened in the 3 days we shared together.

Top Speakers Rated By You Were:

Izendu Aghachi (TUT), Dr. Raymond Patel (MERSETA), Dr. Aprille Ericsson (NASA),
Dr. Liane Smit (UK) and Thandiwe Malindi (SASOL TECHNOLOGY).

Thank you!

The conference was rated as:
60% Excellent, 40% Good with no averages!
Delegates expectation were met at 93% and 7% average.

To all the delegates who attended, it was a pleasure meeting so many of you and sharing this experience with you.

We would like to thank our exhibitors, Manufacturing Engineering And Related SETA (MERSETA).

Our gift sponsors: Ellie Saab, Lindt Chocolate, Orbit Chewing Gum, Virgin Active, Marc Jacobs, Peartiser, Lacoste Perfumes, Black Opal and Lion of Africa Insurance and prize sponsor AFROX.

A special thanks to our cocktail Sponsor and exhibition sponsor Continuing Education at University of Pretoria

Apart from hearing from exceptional speakers there was time to network, laugh with Chris Mapane and go for a massage and let’s not forget the dancing during the cocktail function…

We want to hear from you so please email us on with ideas, comments and networking ideas, but keep watching this space. We will keep you updated, we have great plans for next year.

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Best Regards,

ITC Team