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Dear Shop Steward 

This year the 4th Annual Shop Steward Conference was attended by delegates from several African countries namely Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and not forgetting the host Ghana. The theme benchmarking the shop steward across Africa to progress the labour movement ignited a new found zeal to put into practice strategies discussed to yield positive results.

ITC had a record number of 4 speakers rated above 60% “Excellent”, as per your evaluation form, thank you for your feedback!

  • Dennis Vormawor, Commissioner of Labour, GHANA NATIONAL LABOUR COMMISSION
  • Caroline Khamati Mugala, Executive Secretary, EAST AFRICAN TRADE UNION CONFEDERATION
  • Dr Edward Kwapong, Legal Labour Consultant, HR PERSPECTIVE – GHANA

Some of the key outcomes after the conference:

  • Dispute resolution using comparative industrial relations practices
  • The deployment of the procedures instituted under Act 651 has seen considerable peace on the industrial front in Ghana as strikes have been reduced to some minimal levels.
  • Social justice has also been delivered to several vulnerable workers whether or not they belong to trade unions as the Ghana Commission has resolved several cases of unfair terminations brought to its notice.
  • According to Nigerian law a worker has the right to join a trade union wherever you work.  This right applies whether a union has been recognised or not
  • There is a need for a democratic, equitable  and empowered society
  • The money collected from the primary market is generally used by companies to modernize plant, machinery and buildings, for extending business, and for setting up new business units.
  • Being a Shop Steward means stepping up to play a key role in building your union
  • As a Shop Steward, you make collective bargaining agreements meaningful by helping your co-workers implement their contracts and defend their rights on a day-to-day basis
  • Collective bargaining is the lifeblood of trade unionism and it is the main purpose for which workers form a union
  • All negotiations must be conducted with a view to reaching an agreement

The overall conference was rated as:

78% Excellent 21% Good 4% Average

Two free seats were given away by ITC

… during a draw to attend the South Africa Conference scheduled for February and June next year. We look forward to hearing some success stories of how our delegates went back to their respective companies and represented the workforce in the best possible way to see positive results for all.