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Dear Shop Steward

This year the 4th Annual Shop Steward Conference was attended by over 150 delegates from several African countries namely Botswana, Ghana, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe and not forgetting the host South Africa. The theme achieving collaboration between the employer and the employee saw most industry speakers emerge as the favourites for the day. We had the privilege to host the Deputy Minister Hon Rayford Mbulu from the Zambian Ministry of Labour who after presenting received a standing ovation for his address on; looking at the harmonising role of the Shop Steward in the workplace.

ITC had a record number of 6 speakers rated above 60% “Excellent”, as per your evaluation form, thank you for your feedback!

  • Advocate Sharon Loops, Managing Member, SDL TRAINING SOLUTIONS
  • Thapelo Molapo, VP HR & Training, TOYOTA SOUTH AFRICA
  • Hon Rayford Mbulu, Deputy Minister, ZAMBIA MINISTRY OF LABOUR
  • Gibson Sakong, Founder and Executive Chairman, MONTSHEPETJA ACADEMY

Some of the key outcomes after the conference:

  • Currently collective bargaining is aimed at financial gain, why not bargain for social issues like bursaries and better service delivery
  • Worker communities must benefit from social investment by their companies
  • There should be creation of a social dialogue institute for the workers because a happy worker means increased productivity
  • Trade Union role is not to take over local council roles, but instead they should go into the communities to add value
  • A Shop Steward must be a brothers’/sisters’ keeper
  • Shop Stewards must be exemplary. Someone who can create a positive link in and around workers
  • A Shop Steward is a social worker whose main aim is to better the employees and can provide a change to status-quo
  • A Shop Steward is a leader but not every leader is a Shop Steward
  • Employers should not be divorced from the economic social conditions that employees live in
  • Understand that in collective bargaining there are no quick fixes, no outright victories without consequences
  • Good leadership must be based on humble courage

The overall conference was rated as:

56% Excellent 44% Good 0% Average

Each delegate received…

… a GPS that will go a long way in reminding them of their 3-day experience with ITC. Two free seats was given away by ITC during a draw to attend the Ghana Conference scheduled for June this year as well as the South Africa Conference for next year.

We look forward to hearing some success stories of how our delegates went back to their respective companies and represented the workforce in the best possible way to see positive results for all.

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