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Dear Shop Steward,

This year the 5th Annual Shop Steward SADC conference was attended by over 70 delegates from several African countries namely Botswana, Ghana, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and not forgetting the host Namibia under the theme “Reaching collaboration through strong leadership between the employer and workforce.”

ITC had 4 speakers rated above 60% “Excellent”, as per your evaluation form, thank you for your feedback!

Herbert Jauch, Labour Researcher and Educator
Thomas Muchima, SecretaryGeneral, BANK WORKERS UNION OF NAMIBIA
Hon Alfreda Kansembe, Deputy Minister, ZAMBIA MINISTRY OF LABOUR
Dr Felix Musukubili, Executive HR, NAMPORT


  • Labours’ aim should not be to negotiate until the organization is left bankrupt
  • As members of the labour force, it is important to make a conscious decision whether to take more now and be jobless or be reasonable to ensure “a tomorrow”
  •  The cause of industrial action is mainly due to the fact that the time for dialogue is NOW, and management should make time to engage with the employee before there is duress
  • Salary rationalization can be a cause of dispute
  • Countries must create a legal framework for employee collective bargaining to be realized
  • Make all the information relevant to the negotiation process available in order to aid negotiating in good faith
  • Engage in open and fair negotiations with your members

The overall conference was rated as:

43% Excellent, 57% Good

Each delegate received an ITC branded lunchbox cooler bag that will go a long way in reminding them of their 2-day experience with ITC. Two free seats were given away during the draw to Tuhafeni Nauyalaand and Agang Gabana to attend 6th Annual Shop Steward South Africa Conference and the 6thAnnual Shop Steward SADC Conference in 2016 respectively.

ITC will be hosting a practical 2-day workshop on your key labour challenges. Click here to fill in the survey & you could win a FREE seat to attend.

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