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Dear Women In Engineering

ITC hosted the 5th Annual Women in Engineering Convention, and over 120 delegates attended the 2014 conference. South Africa’s response to the challenges women within the engineering sector face, is one that is more than just being proactive. Speakers reiterated that engineering is more than just the science of making things work, it is about giving back, sowing back into the communities where work and education is needed and preferential procurement.

Top Speakers As Rated By You Were:

  • Bongani Mthombeni-Möller, Managing Director, INTENS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS  
  • Grace Olukune, Chief Engineer, ESKOM GROUP TECHNOLOGY
  • Ntombi Twala, Head of Business Development, TRANSNET ENGINEERING
The conference was rated as:
61% Excellent, 37% Good with no averages!

3 day summary for 2014 Women in Engineering conference from Chair-Lessons to take home

  • South Africa needs to focus largely on post graduate level – procuring funding for bursaries and research
  • Managing a business is about knowing why you are going into business, is this your passion ?
    • -Know who your support structure is
    • -Make networking your skill!
    • -Understand how to procure business
  • Allow your engineering team to fail, make sure its at the smaller things
  • Train the remote teams to run their own facilities and look after their own systems
  • Your brand of leadership will set you apart from the pack, this will make you unique and your management style unique
  • Have professional will, an unwavering commitment to succeed, commit!
  • Take charge of where your career is heading, don’t wait for others to make that decision for you,
    • “ people lose the way, when they lose their why?Grace Olukune
  • South Africa needs to develop capabilities in Africa to find and develop appropriate solutions
  • Culture and relationships are very important , in terms of how we as Africans do business
  • Building relationships in Africa is about understanding the business culture in that particular country
  • Mentoring the integration of young women into engineering industry through social mentorship initiatives is a great way to ensure women make it in this industry.

Congratulations to Betty Malagotholgo , Project Manager from DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS. See you next year Betty.

What delegates had to say about the conference

Good conference, it touched on real issues women face in this industry” Engineer, JRA

“ Very inspiring, I was remind why I chose this career path” Project Officer, DUBE TRADE PORT

“This conference has really given me the inspiration to give up even when times are tough in my career…” Engineer in Training, ARMSCOR

“Quality of speakers , excellent content and the human touch” Engineer Traffic Signals, JHB ROADS AGENCY

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