The 5th Annual Women In Politics Africa conference that ran from 30 – 31 October 2013, was attended by over 70 delegates from across Africa.

“Gender equality and women empowerment are human rights that lie at the heart of development and the achievement of the MDG’s. Women are systematically subjected to violence, marginalisation and disempowerment practices. In order to be more responsive to women empowerment and leadership, we need to be more responsive to women improvement of conditions, standards, events and general perspectives of life. Let us unite in eradicating all disempowerment practices”. Hon Cde Eunice Iipinge, Deputy Secretary, SWAPO WOMEN’S COUNCIL

The highlights of the conference will feature on 28 November 2013 on The Good Morning Africa Show (Africa Magic) Channel 154 at 7am and 12pm. It will also be airing on GoTV PRTV channel 73 in Nigeria at 09:00 in the morning and will be streaming live on at 10h00.

The Top 4 Speakers As Rated By You

1. Hon Cde Eunice Iipinge, Deputy Secretary, SWAPO WOMEN’S COUNCIL

2. Hon Malebitso Ralebitso, Deputy Minister, LESOTHO MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS

3. Dr Dadiq Syed, Deputy Representative, UN WOMEN

4. Hon Esther Murugi Mathenge, Member Of Parliament, KENYA

The Top Celebrity Speakers As Rated By You

1. Tembisa Gebeda Marele, Media and Communications Specialist, BROADCAST MEDIA

2. Alison Botha, Survivor/ Motivational Speaker

3. Masingita Masunga, Soweto TV Host

4. Daniel Silke, Political Analyst, Futurist, Keynote Speaker

Some of the key outcomes after the conference were summarised as:

  • Advocating for women elevation and empowerment should come from within. Women In Politics must refrain from the habit of isolating each other and be honest that we are primary culprits of pushing each other out of political seats
  • How can your country ensure the inclusion of 50/50 representation of women is written in your constitution? Women across Africa need to push for change towards this inclusion
  • Ensure your country has preventative measures in place to not sell out your country to overseas investors
  • Women In Politics need to be faithful leaders free of scandal
  • Women in Africa have an opportunity to empower and be exemplary
  • Engaging women at grass-root levels is extremely necessary
  • Develop teams that are responsible for developing programmes that support other women especially from traditionally patriarchal societies
  • Ensure policies in the constitution are supportive to the cause of women empowerment by taking active part in policy drafting
  • Political parties are the key gate keepers and hence play a vital role in advancing Women In Politics and women participation
  • More seminars of this nature to implement our action plans in developing women
  • It’s time we move away from the theoretical framework and get practical
  • Look at educating, mentoring and good corporate governance
  • Political parties play a critical role to empower women regardless of political affiliation
  • Your communication skills are critical in building good relationships with the media
  • Embrace your people for the work they have done rather than taking all the credit yourself


The conference was rated as:
82% Excellent, 18% Good

We would like to hear from you with regards to what you would like to see included for next year’s conference. The 6th Annual Women In Politics Africa Conference will be held in October 2014.

Thank you once again for your contribution.