Speaker opportunities

Our conference programmes are meticulously researched ensuring that the agendas are always as leading-edge as possible, covering only those issues that matter to the marketplace. The speaker faculty is populated almost entirely by individuals and organisations recommended to us by the market as leaders in their field.

Speaking Can Involve:

  • speaking slot on the conference agenda– a powerful platform from which to showcase the industry and knowledge and abilities of a senior representative of your organisation
  • Chairmanshipof a conference session – a great way of aligning yourself with a high profile panel of industry experts
  • Involvement in an industry panel discussionas a panellist or chairperson – a chance to engage in industry-critical debate with market leading executives
  • Leading a one-day workshopbefore or after the conference – a more in-depth opportunity of demonstrating your expertise to a smaller, more focused group of individuals with specific needs and problems

To join to our database of speakers, submit a short CV & biography here